Top Recession Business Strategies Part 6 – Increase Customer Communication

Why would you want to increase your customer communication? There are many reasons and here are just 3:

1. To build trust.

No one trusts anything these days. Too many scams, too many let downs. Especially on the Internet. However, the more you communicate, the more trust you build, the more of a relationship you will have with them. And the more you know of your clients, the more they want to buy from you (establishing yourself as an authority). תקשורת לקוחות דיגיטלית

2. Clutter

According to Direct Marketing News Magazine, 12-22, 97, “Each of us sees more ads alone in one year than people of 50 years ago saw in an entire lifetime.” And “The average North American is exposed to 500 to 1,000 commercial messages a day (Arens 1999). That’s anywhere from 182,500 to 365,000 commercial messages that a person will view this year alone.” University of Washington Website

Attention spans are lower (for things they aren’t interested in). They want to know what the deal is before reading/investing time into examining your marketing.

3. Prevent 3rd Party Pollution

There are so many sources of information these days. Many different viewpoints that it’s getting harder to retain people. Friends family and other acquaintances, direct and indirect competitors are pushing and pulling your customer this way and that. So, if you don’t keep in front of your customer frequently, then you will lose them

Note: You can communicate with them for next to nothing using email and autoresponders. But beware, most email goes ignored. Send out live mail if you really want their attention

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