The Role of Payment Gateways

Shopping online is one of the well-acknowledged activities at present. For some, it denotes convenience especially for people who have not much time to rush paying bills and even shopping for useful items like clothes and the likes. However, with all the advantages that it provides also comes its vulnerability for some risks brought about by different fraudulent actions of ill-minded persons. As a matter of fact, many cases of identity theft and account breakages were pointed to online scams usually due to careless online shopping activities. Thus it is extremely vital that you make sure that you are buying only from trusted websites with dedicated and honestly secure payment gateway.

In case you are not well-informed yet about the term, payment gateway is a channel wherein customers can buy products or services online serving as the crossing point between the buyer and the seller. Merchants have the option to choose either a secure order form wherein the client is redirected to a 3rd party payment service provider usually a credit card processing company or an application established by merchants for processing payments that is integrated within their website. Usually customers prefer the first option since they believe that they can trust the popular players in the market. Thus, they consider the third party payment service when shopping online.

Customers need to be wise and smart as well as cautious enough to make sure that their online shopping experience is convenient and pleasant minus the trouble of facing problems due to problems with the payment gateway. To ensure that there will be no hassles along and after the process, it is important that he learns what features should a payment gateway interface need to have.

1. Secure server ensures that the payment gateway is reliable and not scrupulous. To make sure that the personal and financial information including credit or debit card details, addresses, names, and other contact details that the client provides is kept confidential, it should be using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. best offshore merchant account providers

2. Utilities that can ensure fraud prevention should always be present. Address Verification System and CVV2 are two elements that should not be omitted because these are the proper tools that can ensure fraud-free online transactions.

3. Efficiently fast loading is also another feature of a good and reliable payment gateway. You see, if your page takes a long time to load, the customer might be annoyed and bored prompting them to transfer to another online shop. They are likely not to return anymore and might even relay the message to their friends which would put your business success in jeopardy. Thus, it is important that you make sure that the speed of payment processing is quick and fast so as not to lose any customers.

4. User-friendly interface is another aspect that you have to make certain of. You have to ensure that the customer will not find your system complicated to understand. Additionally, you should always make it a point that your system is automated to provide real-time information in confirming the progress of the process. And also, do not forget that the website shopping cart is compatible with the payment gateway; you need to discuss this matter clearly with the web developer so as to prevent any problem during use.

Many people are completely relying on shopping online, this paved the way for the emergence of many online shops that ensures they have the most secure payment gateway; something that all keen shoppers are very particular about. If you want to gain more customers and not lose any of those you have at present, make sure that you provide them the assurance that confidentiality of their personal and financial information are intact each time they shop in your online shop.


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